A collaborative, multidisciplinary project between the disciplines of textile design and architecture within Edinburgh College of Art part of Edinburgh University. The design of a building which focused on sustainable energy use; taking in to account renewable energy generation while aiming to minimise the negative impact of the project. The focus was the efficient use of materials, energy, and development space including consideration of the ecosystem at large. This was achieved through the exploitation of local environmental resources including the influence of energy-related factors such as daylight, solar heat gains, and ventilation.


Energy efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building is the most important goal of sustainable architecture; including the implementation of a cradle to cradle (C2C) design approach. The main aim was to design a building which included different techniques both passive and active which reduced the energy needs of the building. The design aims were realised by designing a building which had the ability to capture and generate its own energy. This sustainable design approach ensured that our design decisions today did not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.


Collaborative Partner – Ryan McGregor (ECA) Architecture.

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