Aiming to push the boundaries of what was possible by combining light, emotion, and data. The project involved the design of an immersive experience and tangible interaction in the form of an installation that sits within the context of social sustainability.


An immersive experience within data that utilizes emotion recognition technology, designed to capture real-time emotive data. This emotive information is then creatively displayed through new media with a projected light show. A tangible Interaction that combines art with design and technology. The aim was to create an interactive space and emotional experience. The tangible user interface allows the audience to interact with the digital information through the physical environment.


The purpose of the installation was to empower human connection and learning, through material design by giving digital information a physical form. This approach took advantage of the human ability to perceive, understand and manipulate objects. The focus was to create an immersive environment with a positive feedback loop between the audience and the installation while instigating a digital dialogue concerning human rights, the promotion of sustainable communities, and their ongoing development. 


Photography collaboration – John McNair & Elizabeth Jane Winstanley.

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